Paths Desert Island – 2D Character Illustrations and Backgrounds

Survivalist fiction is an entertainment genre popularized by TV shows like Lost and Survivor. Desert island stories focus on castaways that develop relationships as they struggle to survive. The genre is extremely popular because it appeals to fantasies about adventures on uninhabited islands.

What would you do if you were stranded on a desert island with your classmates as a result of a plane crash? That’s the premise of a smartphone game titled Paths – Desert Island. The game offers well-developed characters and unpredictable plot twists that leave players begging for more. Players also have the ability to choose their own stories and influence the events. In other words, players can choose whether to focus on adventure, drama, or romance.

Paths 2D Choose Desert Island Lost Hostile Black Rock

Character Concept Art

RetroStyle Games team created 2D Characters and Backgrounds for Paths – Desert Island and brought Lime Inc’s vision to life. High-quality visuals are essential in Choose Your Story type games, and attention to detail makes it easier for players to immerse themselves in the desert island world. Players are more likely to become attached to characters if character designs are unique and memorable, and our artists helped to create a diverse cast of 2D Characters Design.

Paths 2D Choose Character Concept Art Desert Island

Backgrounds Game Art

Vibrant and visually appealing backgrounds designed by our artists allow game developers to describe a variety of scenarios and game situations. Our team made sure that 2D Backgrounds for the game are visually consistent and eye-catching to achieve an immersive effect and ensure that different locations are memorable. Our artists pay attention to details like cast shadows, and it contributes to the atmosphere and enhances player experiences.

Paths Desert Island 2D Game Background Hostile Jungle

Game Logo

One should not underestimate the importance of a game logo because it is the first thing seen by a potential user. Our artists developed a set of unique Game Logos and provided Lime Inc. with a selection of options. This approach helps to test the alternatives and determine which Game Logo is preferred by app store users.

Paths Desert Island 2D Game Logo Vector Illustration

RetroStyle Games team specializes in Game Art Outsourcing Services, and you can always expect high-quality services from our artists. You should contact our team if you always dreamed about creating a Choose Your Story type game and need assistance with game art for your project. Overall, our team is willing to work on complex projects of different scope.

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