Pet Haven: 3D Character Art & Animation

Pet Haven is an ambitious simulator by Ultimate Games where the player adopts and spoils animals, renovates and designs a glorious pet park, plays solitaire, pops bubbles, and even attempts at leading an adventurous love life! Our game art studio has created all the characters and animations in the game. Let us start by showing you the trailer we have made:

Pet Haven 3D Characters Animation Logo Cards Pets NEW

The trailer was made using 3ds Max and Maya software and the assets we had created for the game.

2D Girl with Glasses | Character Concept Art

It’s a series of character concept art for a 2D girl with glasses, highlighting various poses and outfits. The central theme revolves around a cartoon woman with glasses, who appears to be the main character in a range of expressive stances. Her design is consistent throughout, defined by a smart and stylish appearance that is accentuated by her spectacles.

Concept Main Heroine Warm Hearted Person Red Shirt

The artwork displays her in multiple costumes, suggesting different settings or activities within the game or story. Her expressions and gestures are animated and lively, indicating a personality that is both intelligent and dynamic. This variety of designs shows the versatility of female characters with glasses in animation and gaming, emphasizing how glasses can be a distinctive and character-defining accessory.

Katy Personality Traits Warm Hearted Person Poses Emotions

The character’s attire includes casual jeans, colorful tops, and trendy shoes, all of which complement her modern, geek-chic aesthetic.

From a design perspective, these illustrations demonstrate the importance of consistency in character that wear glasses creation while allowing for a wardrobe that reflects different aspects of a character’s lifestyle and personality. The glasses serve as a signature feature, reinforcing the identity of this cartoon woman with glasses across various scenarios depicted in the concept art.

Our 3d character designers came up with several versions for each of the three characters in the game for our client to choose the ones they liked most.

The main heroine, Katy (girl with glasses), needs to be a smart, cheerful, crafty, warm-hearted person who is not afraid of trial-and-error, lives by her values and doesn’t take no shit. We believe the version we agreed on demonstrates these personality traits nicely.

There is also Katy’s adored and adorable father, a well-groomed potential lover Raphael, and a smug mayor Billy Rich in case Katy needs some diversity.
They also came up with four pets for Katy to rescue and care for: a dog, a cat, a parrot, and a rabbit.

Isometric Cartoon House

This image is a representation of cartoon architecture. It features a collection of houses that would be right at home in a cartoon house illustration or an isometric cartoon house concept for a video game. The houses boast a cheerful color palette, with the main structure sporting shades of blue and pink, and other houses featuring purple, pink, and yellow hues.

Each house has its own unique personality, with playful elements like snail shell designs, pig snouts, and other fanciful decorations that bring the cartoon architecture to life.

3D Object Animal Booth Model Concept

In the foreground, there’s a larger house with a character next to it, showing a feature of the game where you can customize or build your own house

The playful design extends to the surrounding environment, which includes a neatly landscaped garden with a winding path, a bench, and a bird bath, all styled to match the cartoon house illustrations. This image could serve as an ideal example of an isometric cartoon house concept, where the perspective is designed to give a view of the houses and their environment in a single glance.

Dog Character Design

The pet park is the most important element of the game. The story centers around creating a fun, loving environment for the rescued animals and Kathy’s relationships with them. This is why the developers wanted bright, cute little houses for the player to build, upgrade, and play with the pets around. Each of the beautiful pet houses we created has stages of complexity and awesomeness.

We also made accessories and grooming products and items for the pets. We used Spine to animate the scene where Katy caringly bathes and feeds the dog.

There are elements that are important for dog game character design in a dog 3D game.
It appears to be a part of a game interface where the player can engage by taking care of dogs, grooming them, and dressing them in various accessories.

Pets Dogs Concept NPC Concept Accessories Grooming Products Items

The bottom left of the image shows dogs with different facial expressions, indicating the range of emotions that players can experience, when they make a dog game interactive. These characters are placed next to bowls of food, soap bubbles, and grooming accessories such as bows, scissors, and a brush, providing a sense of what it takes to manage a fashion dog game.

On the right side is a dog adorned in fashionable decorations with similar grooming tools. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons that likely allow players to make choices related to food, hairstyles, and clothing, highlighting the customization features essential in fashion dog games.

Animation for Animal grooming games

Our animation artists gave over two dozen poses and emotional reactions to Katy and about a dozen to Raphael… you know, because he’s a tough man.

Pets also got an array of poses and emotions to demonstrate how much they approve of what is happening. The parrot Sally was the most interesting one since she could not wiggle her tail, play with a toy or display signs of boredom like the other pets. We made a few flying and landing animations and came up with an image of her playing and bathing in a birdbath.

Here is the video with the animations and creative materials we created for this game:

Marketing Materials for animal grooming game

We used the assets to create pictures to be used as ads. Take a look at how we put those together:

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