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Many of us love puzzles. This is especially true when it comes to games.

According to Statista, total revenue in the Puzzle Games market has already reached US$13.45bn in 2022.

And it is worth saying that among puzzle games, pixel games are particularly notable.

They’re simple, engaging, and beloved by players and developers, bridging the gap between art and logic. Pixel logic puzzle is an art form and a web browser riddle. In these pixel logic games, players use numerical clues to fill a grid, revealing a hidden image.

Pixel art cover image for a portfolio featuring an astronaut a space station and a swirling planet Earth

The retro pixel art style adds a touch of classic video game charm. Additionally, it’s crucial to highlight the importance of readability in such games, as players spend most of their time with static 2D pixel art, which should be visually appealing.

Game developers prefer pixel logic puzzles because they’re easy to integrate into games, from standalone titles to mini-games within larger projects. You can find plenty of free puzzle game assets, but will they be as good as the pixel art from the outsource art company?
Let’s give you an example.

It’s time to check out Picture Cross Color, a puzzle pixel mobile game for the App Store, where we had the fortunate opportunity to work on the art.

A compilation image showcasing various pixel art scenes from a portfolio

2D Pixel Art in Puzzle Games

Pixel puzzle games have a cool old-school 8-bit art, kind of like the classic games on old arcade machines. People who love those old games often find this art style really charming. Picture Cross is a bit different from other puzzle picture games. It keeps the fun art style but adds cool features. How?

  • Those games have themed packs of colored puzzles, with different levels of difficulty.
  • It has animated scenes, which you don’t see often in pixel art iPhone games. These animations make the game even more exciting.
  • Puzzles in Picture Cross are harder because you have to think logically, not just pick colors. For instance, you might get a row of numbers that show how many cells should be a certain color. You have to figure out how to fill them while following the puzzle rules.

Our designers are ready to provide you with pixel game art design services. If you’re a game developer and want to make your game look amazing, or if you need pixel art, our 2D Game Art Outsourcing services got you covered.

Drawing Pixel Backgrounds Art

Creating art for puzzle games is a unique challenge because the quality and complexity of these backgrounds directly affect the player’s experience.
It’s not just about solving puzzles; it’s about creating fun and captivating challenges with 2D pixel art.

Pixel backgrounds can be used to create a narrative in games. For example, a background can showcase a historical period in which the game takes place or set a specific mood. Pixel backgrounds can also be used to create puzzles that are intuitive and engaging, providing players with a satisfying experience. Before you do pixel art drawing for a pixel background, it’s essential to gather as many ideas as possible. You can do this by looking at other pixel backgrounds, studying color theory and design, or simply observing the world around you. Once you have a few ideas, you can begin to sketch and add details. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures.

Pixel art scene with a sailboat

Collecting ideas from other pixel art drawings is a crucial step in any project’s development. It helps you shape the overall vision of the game and determine its key features. Pixel game backgrounds play a significant role in creating the game’s atmosphere. They can help convey a sense of space, set the mood, and even tell a story.

Here are a few ways how to make pixel art for backgrounds:

  • Pixel backgrounds can help players understand where they are and how they relate to the game world. For example, a background featuring a vast forest can create a sense of open space, while one depicting a small room can make players feel confined.
  • Pixel backgrounds can influence the game’s mood. For instance, a background showing a dark and gloomy night can create a feeling of tension, while one displaying bright and sunny weather can evoke joy.
  • Pixel backgrounds can also be used to tell a story. For example, a background featuring a ruined city can hint at a dark backstory, while one showcasing a beautiful castle can suggest a romantic plot.

Take a look at our art gallery to see our amazing art from pixel art designers and more 2D Backgrounds for Games.

Pixel-Puzzle Game Character Design

In the past, video games had simple shapes and not much detail due to limited technology.
But as technology improved, game designers became more creative with 2D art, leading to various styles in today’s games. 

Each game object now consists of many tiny dots called pixels. Your monitor, from which you are now reading this text, is also made up of pixels :)
Pixel character design is a special art form with a long history in video games. It’s about creating characters using tiny pixels, the tiniest digital building blocks. Pixel characters may look small and simple, but they can still convey a lot of emotion and detail. Pixel character design is important for a few reasons:

  • it can give games a nostalgic feel, taking us back to the classic video games of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. This brings back fond memories for players who grew up with those games;
  • despite their small size, pixel characters can express a lot of emotions and personalities. Artists use a limited number of pixels to create their features and expressions;
  • pixel characters can fit into various game genres, from platformers to RPGs and puzzle games. They can also represent different characters, from humans and animals to robots and monsters.


If you want to paint pixel art for characters, consider these key principles:

Keep It Simple. Pixel characters should be easy to understand, using a limited number of pixels.

Stay Clear. Make sure pixel characters are easy to see by using a small number of colors and avoiding complex shapes.

Show Emotion. Pixel characters should be expressive and capable of communicating feelings through various facial expressions and body language.

Be Versatile. Design pixel characters to work in different game genres and settings.

We have experience in pixel art creation and making of some cool character designs in the pixel universe.

For example, you can take a look at another work that we did in Nifty League, where we made pixel styled characters and environment design or in our other projects where we used pixel stuff.

But let’s have a better look at pixel characters with Pixel Logic Puzzle, that’s what we’re here for, right?

Our 2D Game character design services are all about creativity. We turn ideas into vibrant 2D illustrations, breathing life into custom-designed game characters within a 2D game universe for our clients.
Here’s what we can make: cartoon, simple, stylized, vector 2D character design, whatever you desire.

Pixel Puzzle Isometric Sprites | Hmm, OK

Isometric pixel art is a style of pixel art that gives a 3D look by making objects appear tilted. It’s commonly used in puzzle games, making it easier for players to see how different objects relate to each other. Pixel puzzle isometric sprites are designed for isometric puzzle games. They may be small and simple, but they’re still expressive and detailed. These sprites are used for creating:

Tiles: These form the foundation of isometric puzzle games, making walls, floors, and other objects.

Characters: These are the players and non-player characters (NPCs) in isometric puzzle games. Though small, they can still convey a lot of emotion and detail.

Items: Items are interactive objects in isometric puzzle games, used to solve puzzles, unlock doors, or trigger other actions.

Pixel puzzle isometric sprites are a valuable asset for developers of isometric puzzle games. They help create visually appealing and engaging games that players can easily understand and enjoy.

Our studio has the experience and skills needed to create high-quality isometric sprites and 2D environments.
We can produce everything from giving you 2D Game Environment Services or making Isometric Sprites Design.

A collage of pixel art scenes showcasing various 8-bit pixel gifs animate famous movie moments and comics

Pixel GIFs in Puzzle Games - SORRY WHAT?

In puzzle games, animated pixel art in the form of GIFs is a fantastic way to make the gaming experience more fun and interactive. Here’s why pixel art makers use GIFs:

  • GIFs help tell stories and show emotions in a cool way. Characters move, puzzles change, and the game feels more alive.
  • Animated GIFs can also provide subtle visual clues and hints to help players solve puzzles. For example, a rotating gear animation might indicate an interactive element, while a pulsating light could suggest a hidden passage or secret area. These subtle animations can guide players without explicitly revealing the solution, maintaining the challenge and sense of discovery
  • Combining the old-school look of pixel art with modern animations is a hit with players who love classic games and those who want something new.
  • Animated pixel art lets designers add small, cool details that make the game look amazing.
  • GIFs can even introduce new gameplay mechanics. For instance, a GIF of a character walking might indicate the possibility of player movement, while an animation of a transforming object could introduce puzzle elements based on shape-shifting. These dynamic animations can expand the range of gameplay possibilities in pixel art games.


Using animated pixel art (GIFs) in puzzle games isn’t just a style choice; it makes puzzles more fun and exciting. As technology gets better, we can expect even more cool things in future games. GIFs, those short, looping animations, are like mini-movies that offer great benefits for storytelling and gaming.

Here’s why Pixel GIFs so cool:

  • Aesthetic pixel GIFs instantly grab your attention and keep you interested. They help express feelings, actions, and exciting moments in stories and make games more immersive.

  • They are simple to make and view on almost any device. This makes them perfect for sharing stories and explaining game stuff, so everyone can understand.

  • Pixel GIFs quickly show complex ideas or actions. In stories, they summarize important moments, and in games, they can explain how to play and solve challenges.

  • In games, GIFs make things more fun and help players understand the game better.

  • GIFs help you remember important parts of a story and can remind you how to play games or solve puzzles.

  • You can use pixel GIFs to promote stories or games because they give a sneak peek of what to expect.

When using animated GIFs, it’s important to think about both the psychological and technical aspects. You can find many GIFs for your content, but always ensure they have a reasonable file size and avoid making them too repetitive.

Animated GIFs have the potential to improve people’s moods, making them more inclined to support your business or develop a favorable opinion of you. GIFs can swiftly go viral as memes on social media platforms. The color constraints imposed on GIFs ensure they remain compact in size, allowing them to load quickly on web pages.

We’re a team of passionate pixel art and puzzle game design, we understand the importance of pixel art icons in these games and aim to create both visually pleasing and practical game icon design.

Wrapping Up

When browsing art for puzzle online, you’ll encounter various genres and artistic expressions to suit your preferences. As mentioned earlier, animated pixel icons are a fantastic way to add visual interest and tell a story in pixel puzzles. 

Our studio has the experience and skills required to create high-quality animated pixel art puzzles for PC and mobile, no matter the platform. The choice of art for puzzle online can significantly influence the overall atmosphere and appeal of the game. We can produce everything from simple icons to complex animated scenes that are both attractive and functional. Our animated pixel icons can serve various purposes, such as:

  • Representing your product or service.
  • Informing players about game features.
  • Creating atmosphere and mood.
  • We understand that animated pixel icons are a crucial element in any pixel puzzle.
  • We aim for our work to be not only visually appealing but also conducive to engaging players.


If you’re looking for a studio that can create animated pixel art for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be delighted to assist you in crafting icons that are perfect for your art puzzle game.

Pixel game art collage featuring various scenes including a street food market farmers market home renovation and a picnic Art Styles for Indie Games
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