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Low poly modeling Pirate team

Pirate Сharacters Collection 3D models was created by our team for game prototype.

Present pirate stories can’t do without the heroes themselves.
Daring captains, dashing seamen and other participants in the pirate team.

The texture was hand drawn by our team. Pirate clothing looks as realistic as possible. Attributes of pirates are realistic about the character there is a pirate hat with a feather, white shirts, swords, bandana, camisole, breeches.

The assembly includes Real-Time Pirate Characters: Barmen, Bartender, Head Foreman, Lord, Moneylender, Shipyard Master, Smuggler

pirate characters first image

Check low-poly real-time 3D models of pirate characters below:

Download 3D model of pirate Shipyard Master for Free (worth $99):

pirate vol1 buy image 324x216

You can also purchase Full – Real-Time Rigged Pirates Collection Vol. 1 (12 models) from Turbosquid:

pirate vol2 buy image 324x216

You can also purchase Full – Real-Time Rigged Pirates Collection Vol. 2 (10 models) from Turbosquid:


low poly 3d modeling pirates island Assets

Low Poly Modeling Environment Skull Island

A real pirate island with a mysterious rock cave in the form of a skull. Adventure or pirate themes can not do without island treasure, jungle, pirate bays, skeletons, aborigines, rocks, palm, three, ancient ruins and pyramids. There is everything to create your own personal adventure or pirate environment.

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3d modeling pirates ships

Low Poly Modeling Sail Pirate Ship

All the stories about pirates can not do without their main assistant – the Pirate Ship.
The faster the ship the more successful the pirate! 5 quality pirate ships low poly with realistic textures.

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