Real-Time 3D Models of Skull Island

Another collection of Pirate-themed 3D models was created by our team for game prototype.

Low-poly Pirate island with a mysterious rock cave in the form of a skull.
Comes with hand-painted textures.

Island treasures, jungle elements, pirate bay, skeletons, aborigines, rocks, palms, tree, ancient ruins and pyramids.
There is everything to create your own personal adventure or pirate environment.

You can easily import these assets to create real-time 3D environment in Unity or Unreal game engines.

There are two packs available in our Turbosquid account
One includes: Altar, Aztec Temple, Battle Camp, Battlefield, Mayan Temple, Pirate Treasures, Shaman Hut, Skull Cave, Stones, Dead Adventurer
Second: different trees, bushes, palms.

pirate island assets collection

Some examples of real-time 3D models of Pirate Island below:

  • low-poly pirate island pyramid settlement stone
  • low-poly pirate island cave skull human skeleton weapons chest
  • low-poly pirate island pyramid settlement sacrificial stone
  • low-poly pirate island trees spruce bush

pirate island model FREE image battle camp

Download the 3D model of Pirate Battle Camp for Free:

pirate island vol1 11 models

You can also purchase Full – Real-Time Cartoon Assets Collection 11 models from Turbosquid:

You can also purchase Full – Real-Time Cartoon Trees Collection 7 models from Turbosquid:

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