Quarantine Game – Character Illustrations and Animations

Plague Inc. has recently risen in popularity due to the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. A huge hike in usership is not surprising during the time of a global pandemic because the game puts you in the role of a pathogen with an objective to spread all over the world.

A game titled Quarantine, developed by Sproing and published by 505 Games, flips the script and allows players to save the world by defeating a highly contagious virus. The game is more relevant than ever because it illustrates pathogen control strategies and demonstrates the horrors of epidemics.

RetroStyleGames art outsourcing studio supported developers with 2D Characters and Backgrounds Illustrations. We also created Animated cut-scenes for various scenarios.

Quarantine 2D Background Infirmary Stadium Epidemic Plague

Realistic Vector Characters

RetroStyle Games helped Sproing to create a set of vibrant characters waging war on a viral pathogen. Realistic concept character art and illustrations set Quarantine apart from other games in the genre and increase replayability.

Our team also created high-quality backgrounds and scenes that highlight the realities of quarantine life.

Quarantine Soldier Character Armor Spacesuit Corpse Illustration
  • Quarantine Doctor Female Old Lady Scientist Characters Concept Art
  • Quarantine Plague Characters Concept Art Soldiers Scientists 2D Illustrations
  • Quarantine Characters Concept Art Activist Deputy Doctor Soldier 2D
  • Quarantine Plague Characters Construction Worker Soldier CEO 2D

Backgrounds for Simulation Games

Attention to detail is of the utmost importance when working on animations for realistic games. Our animation artists brought Sproing’s vision to life and worked on animations that emphasize the intensity of different scenes and situations. You can check the examples of our animation work by watching the official launch trailer.

Quarantine 2D Game Background Zombie Park Concept Art

CG Trailer - After Effects Animations

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