Real-Time 3D Superhero Characters

Real-Time 3D Modeling Superhero Characters Sci-fi X-Men

3D Modeling Characters – Rigging and Skinning

Companies like Marvel and DC Comics kicked off the superhero craze in the 2010s, and Green Arrow and X-Men became household names during the period.

Our team is experienced in this area, and we helped to design superheroes for one of the game projects in this genre. We focused on the technical aspects of the project and utilized a full-cycle approach to create 3D models for the project.

The full-cycle 3D modeling services consists of ZBrush sculpting, retopology, UVW unwrapping, texturing, rigging, and skinning. We also use pose tools and rendering techniques to create effective shots/screenshots for Google Play.

Game FX Animations – 3D Screenshots for Google Play

RSG game outsourcing team rigged and skinned 3D characters to create visually appealing action poses and scenes. We rendered 3D characters and placed them into different environments and created impactful action scenes. Promo renders help to illustrate the game process and sell games before they are released.

Superheroe Atom Game FX Fire Explosion Particles Destruction

Our team plays close attention to details during all of the stages of 3D rendering. You can check out the screenshots below to see work in progress and differences between 3D posing and final renders.

Hero 3D Environment Setting Special Effects Animation Ragdoll Simulation

Eye-grabbing visual effects help to attract the attention of potential users. 3D promo renders may include realistic FX, including fire simulation, debris, particles, and environmental destruction.

CG Trailer – Bad Boys 3D Superheroes

Our team also created CG Trailer / Creatives for this client.

App Creatives and A/B Testing

We always create visually compelling designs for our own games (more than 40 million downloads) and optimize app store assets for clients all over the globe.

Effective app screenshots are integral to the project’s success, and perfect screenshots may lift user conversion rates by around 20-30%.

We understand that discoverability and app creatives are two of the core elements that determine whether an app succeeds. You never want your app to languish in the depth of app stores, and our team could help your app to stand out among the competition. Modern society is visually oriented, and the focus on app creatives is necessary to attract the attention of potential users.

Research shows that close to 50% of apps are downloaded when a user interacts with app store assets for the first time. Therefore, high-quality app store assets like Screenshots and Previews are of the essence. App marketing strategy should be built around visual elements like Optimized Screenshots, App Promo Videos, and tested app Icons could multiply your app’s conversion rate. It is always beneficial to focus on audiences that speak different languages, and localized screenshots facilitate organic installs. The number of organic downloads should increase if you offer more localization options because users prefer to play localized games.

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  • App Creatives Icon ASO Store Optimization Survival Last Pirate
  • App Creatives Screenshots ASO Store Optimization Tower Defence

Working hand-in-hand with us will ensure you time and cost saving, high-quality content and efficient scaling of your art team.

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