Сharacters for the RPG and Empire-Builder 'Legend of Khans'

Legend of Khans is a simulation RPG and a multiplayer empire-builder where you can experience being a nomadic ruler of an enormous empire. RetroStyle Games have contributed distinct 2D characters to this big project.

Four Historical 2D Characters Main Illustration for Legend of Khans

Realistic 2D Characters

Our studio has developed four 2D characters for the game. It was a pleasure working with Hungri Games who provided us with a detailed technical task and a clear vision of how they wanted the characters to look. We researched the costume and armor of the time and the geographical area the game is about. That allowed us to create detailed and believable looks. We pitched our ideas, agreed on the final draft and got to work.

The creation of a 2D character is a multi-staged process. It is complex and requires the efficient collaborative work of 2D artists and project managers who act as intermediaries between the client and the 2D specialists.

To suit the spirit of that era, the characters we created are from all over the world. We have a Scandinavian warrior in brown leather armor, carrying a mace on his shoulder and a belt engraved with runes indicating his origin, clenching a fist to match his ferocious look. There is a European knight fighting brutally with short sabers, not bothering to wear a helmet. The court lady is wearing a lilac Turkish dress and a headpiece. With her savvy eyes and an elusive smile, she looks like she is an essential part of the inner power game. The Egyptian soldier is wearing golden armor and a pointed helmet, clutching a dagger in his hand, fierce determination on his face.

Our 2D team did a great job making these diverse characters, and the client was happy with the result. All four became great addition to the game and appeared in the promotion materials. The two of them also got onto the app store icon.

Retro Style Games specializes in character art and animation for a wide range of game genres. Our team of seasoned 2D and 3D specialists has created highly-detailed characters with superb graphics and distinct personalities. Check out our other characters in our portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us if you need heroes for your game worlds

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