App Store Optimization – Magic of the App SEO for Mobile Games

Does your app need marketing?

Apart from providing Art Outsourcing Services, we create our own games, putting all our hearts in them.

Like no other we can realize all the depth of disappointment that the game developer may face if his game gets lost in the app store, or fails to attract many players.

Due to the immense level of competition on the app stores, App marketing specialists use different channels for user acquisition. However, we know from our own experience that indie developers don’t usually have an extra budget for app marketing campaigns.

full app store optimization increase app visibility, conversions and app ranking

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the solution is hiding in plain sight – App Store Optimization. Due to poor app SEO, the game can’t reach its target audience and become visible among its direct competitors. All these difficulties lie in the ASO specialists’ area of expertise.

Key ASO elements in the app marketing

Based on our own experience we made a short ASO Checklist, or, in other words, picked out main ASO elements that stand in the utmost need of being optimized.

1. Game Icon is the face of your app. The vast majority of mobile users will never click on an app if they are not attracted by its icon.

App Icon must be simple, attention-grabbing and clear. It is a story-teller that reveals the core essence of your game, encouraging users not just to tap once, but come back again and again.

icon design and icon optimization for mobile games and apps

2. Keywords Optimization. Your target audience will never be able to find your game if it doesn’t rank for the right keywords.

Competitor analysis and customer research are two pillars of successful keyword optimization, and consequently, better visibility of an app on the App Store and Google Play.

All meta-data – Title, Subtitle / Short Description, Description – are the controllers, that need to be tuned to increase app visibility and, consequently, the revenues.

3. Creatives (Screenshots and Promo Video). Along with App Title and App Icon, Gallery forms the Frame of First Impression.

Remember, that more than 50% of users make their decision to install or to skip your app based on First Impression. So, Gallery Creatives, as well as their combination, must be wisely designed and chosen.

Screenshot and creatives for compelling store listing. Higher appranking and conversion rates

App Store and Google Play require different mobile marketing strategies

Despite the fact the Google Play new design now looks more similar to the App Store, they are still different platforms, and the approach to the App Store Optimization must be different as well.

A lot of games that enjoy great success in one store, and completely lose on the other, prove this fact. The main reasons lie in different so-called First Impression Frames and Visitor Behavior.

Owing to these factors unique ASO strategies, tailored specifically to each platform, significantly raise chances of your game to reap the benefits in both stores.

Appstore vs GooglePlay strore listing

What is ASOPlay

We have been developing our own games for more than 9 years. Our path to understanding what ASO is and how it works wasn’t very smooth but brought valuable experience, which allows helping other game developers not to lose their apps and games in the whirl of app stores.

The Team of ASOPlay specialists has vast experience in optimizing games and apps for both stores.

Working together with the team of 2D artists of RetroStyle Games, ASOPlay experts can provide you the full pack of ASO services from creating an eye-catching Game Icon and attractive Screenshots to full Keyword Optimization, including all App Metadata.

ASOPlay team is taking maximum efficiency to reach the goal, particularly to grow your game organic rates and revenues.

If you are eager to taste a bit of ASO Games and learn the areas of your app’s growth, its strengths, and weaknesses, don’t hesitate to try app store optimization services.

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