Paradigm Slots – Backgrounds and Icons for a Slot Machine

Slot Game Art for Paradigm Slots

Paradigm Slots is a new game from Playcent Games and a new project from our slot art studio. The task of the RetroStyle Games team was to create everything a slot game needs: slot machine icons, slot backgrounds, logo design, and slot UI.

We have done many similar projects in the past: Westworld Slots Assets, Kama slots, Alain slots, Rasmus slots, Summer Bliss, etc., and know how to make slots exciting for the player. We started by putting together a reference list with ABS for each element. Our client chose the ideas they wanted us to develop, and the work began.

Slot Game 2D Backgrounds Icons for Fun Spin

Slot Themes: Backgrounds & Icons

To bring the thrill of gambling into new aesthetics and atmospheres, our artists have created six slots, each with its own theme.

The Burlesque Nights slot capitalizes on the ostentatious cabaret aesthetics with the typical dancers’ attributes like fans, ballroom shoes, jewelry, and other elements of the costume as clot icons. Our artists have drawn glamorous cabaret girls to greet the player and wish them luck! We spared now feathers 🤩

  • 2D Burlesque Nights Slot Game Logo
  • 2D Slot Game Icons Cabaret Attributes
  • 2D Slot Game Burlesque Nights Icons Cabaret Dancers
  • 2D Slot Machine Congratulation Spin UI

For the next slot, we chose a magical and a bit spooky theme and called it Howling Stories. The icons here are forest animals, and the full moon plays a special role in this folktale.

  • Howling Stories 2D Slot Machine Game Logo
  • Howling 2D Slot Icons Forest Animals Moon Plays
  • Howling 2D Slot Game Spin Win Theme GUI

Nile-Empress-Treasure brings the luxurious Ancient Egypt vibe that has a place in our pop culture not least because of the stories about Cleopatra and her lovers. Under the swaying baldachins, the golden, gem-encrusted figurines of the Egyptian gods, and even more precious little things lie on the crimson cushions as slot icons.

  • Nile Empress Treasure 2D Slot Game Logo
  • Ancient Egypt 2D Slot Objects Scarab
  • Egypt 2D Slot Game Star Menu UI

A wealth of Abyss mixes light-hearted cartoonish sea-dwellers with eerie pictures of a sea trench and sunken ships. The octopus image matches well with how this particular slot machine works.

  • Wealth of Abyss Octopus 2D Slot Logo
  • Octopus slot icons example for casino
  • 2D Slot Game Congratulation Theme Menu UI

Last but not least, Mystery of Magic continues the beginning of the 20th-century mystery&entertainment vibe started by the previous two slots. We have mages and witches performing on stage with their smoke and mirrors.

  • Mystery of Magic 2D Slot Theme Logo
  • 2D Slot Machine Icons Mages Witches Smoke Mirrors
  • 2D Slot Game Epic Win UI Pop-up
  • 2D Slot Rules Lines Low Symbols UI Pop-up
  • a casino slot machine with a big win sign, casino game UI design

Slots UI and Icons

We have also designed a clear UI that allows the player to navigate the game and adds the casino art thrill thanks to the big and bold style.

Logo Design

For each theme, we have also created a dozen or two logos to make it easy for the client to choose the perfect one.

It takes between three to four weeks on average to create a slot from scratch. The time frames depend on the complexity of the design and the amount of basic and extra elements. Together with the feedback from the client at the end and small adjustments where needed, the process usually takes anywhere between four to six weeks.

Our team works skillfully and efficiently to realize a creative vision of our clients. Be it 2D art for your slot game, isometrics for your fantastic cities or 3D animation of your badass heroines, we at RetroStyle Games make it high-quality and make it with love.

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