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Stylized game design is an art form that takes familiar elements and presents them uniquely. One popular genre where stylization is applied is match-3 games.

These games, characterized by their puzzle-solving mechanics, where players match three or more similar items to clear them from the board, have captivated audiences worldwide. To understand and appreciate the significance of stylized game art elements, we’ll have to understand the world of match-3 games and how to create match-3 game.

Spark Link, Blend of Royal Match and Candy Crash art, video game environment
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“Spark Link!” is an example of this approach. As a new Link & Match mobile game for Android, it borrows from the lessons learned from successful games, while also introducing its unique features and style, as any good game should.

So, our journey begins with the introduction of Spark Link!, a new match-3 mobile game that we’ve had the pleasure of making the design for.

Art like in Royal Match

One of the most awesome aspects of “Royal Match” is its unique 3D art style. This work served as an inspiration for Spark Link!, a game project that we actively contributed to.

The game developers integrated high-quality Royal Match stylized assets to make a better visual appeal and overall gaming experience.

Each match-3 game has its visual style, defining the atmosphere and aesthetics of the game world. This can range from abstract designs to colorful depictions of fantastical universes.

For example, in “Royal Match,” a medieval theme prevails, whereas in Spark Link! is portrayed in a more Disneyesque manner

Designing Areas in the 'Royal Match' Style

To understand the beauty behind the aesthetic of Royal Match areas, we must know about the various games and their contributions to the overall visual appeal. 

While we too inspired by similar design principles, it doesn’t mean that our game looks just the same. Spark Link! has areas like in Merge Mansion, but it’s a non-isometric 3D environment that serves as a dynamic backdrop during gameplay, contrasting with the more traditional isometric layouts.

We believe that our team has successfully done the task. We’ve designed interiors that are the art of the game’s story – you can see the fairy tale style of Disney princesses in almost every room. Drawing inspiration for room design from mobile games like Property Brothers: Home Design, we learned the art of creating beautiful and functional room designs.

Royal Match Stylized UI

The importance of user interface (UI) in game design cannot be underestimated. It serves as a bridge between the player and the game world, influencing overall perception and engagement.

Clear and efficient UI guides players, providing crucial information and making the experience more engaging. A well-optimized UI allows for quick and effective actions. Consistent and intuitive UI creates comfort and confidence. Customization provides the opportunity to adapt the experience.

2D Casual Game Icons, Royal Match stylized ui/ux, with gameplay screen on the left
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We wanted Spark Link! to have a user interface (UI) as intuitive as Royal Match’s.
This helped us design Spark Link!’s UI to be easy to use and visually engaging.

For further exploration of Game UI/UX Design Services, visit here.

Stylized Royal Match Logo

The design of a game’s logo is a synonym for a visual signature, leaving a lasting impression on players. We tried to replicate its style in Spark Link! by looking at the elements of the Royal Match logo, making sure that our project maintains the same aesthetic.

In addition to the logo, we studied the creation of icons reminiscent of Royal Match art.

Match 3 game logo design services

For those interested in how to create Royal Match Icons, we recommend checking our Game Icon Design services.

Drawing Inspiration from Popular Games

To gain deeper insights into game design, we got our inspiration from popular titles such as Homescapes, and Property Brothers: Home Design. These games provided valuable lessons on integrating game elements and creating aesthetically pleasing rooms, just like in Royal Match.

Players can also interact with a variety of charming characters, each with their unique personalities and roles in the Royal Match narrative, so we tried to do the same with our work, adding heroines that will remind you of new Disney princesses.

Spark Link Character Concept Art Match3 Puzzle

Analyzing game elements from popular games can help you build effective design strategies. Let’s focus on game elements like in Homescapes.

Game levels are designed with varying degrees of difficulty, you may notice that the design of the rooms changes depending on the level. Because of the interior design, the player can notice the shift between the levels. Some are easy and serve as a quick win, while others require more strategic thinking. Overcoming challenging levels gives players a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to continue playing.

Players earn resources by completing levels, which are then used to purchase furniture and decor. This creates a sense of achievement and progress. They have the freedom to choose from a variety of furniture and decor options, allowing them to personalize their interior design. This feature improves player engagement.

2D 3D Blend Match3 Game Icons Cartoon Objects
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Homescapes game elements can be incorporated into different games, enhancing player engagement and retention. Balancing these features with a compelling narrative and well-designed mechanics contributes to a successful and enjoyable gaming experience.

As technology advances, so too will the visual aspects of Match-3 games. From hand-drawn 2D art styles to 3D environments, the future promises an even broader range of aesthetic choices.

Games will continue to push boundaries in terms of visual storytelling, creating worlds that are not only visually appealing but emotionally resonant.

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