Spark Link! – 2D and 3D blend for a Match-3 Decorations

Spark Link 2D 3D Blend Royal Match Candy Crash

Spark Link! is a new Link & Match mobile game for iOS and Android that we have had the pleasure to work on. The game has a somewhat similar aesthetics and elements to the other games in our portfolio: Royal Match and 1Gram.

It has been a close collaboration with HADI game developer, and we are pleased with the beautiful sites our RetroStyle Games artists have created.


Spark Link! has a set of locations each standing for a Core Level. Our client had a specific number of locations and mind and provided our team with references on the look of each room. We then had a back-and-forth between our teams. We collaborated in Miro where we could see the complete history of the improvements. It took several iterations to make the rooms perfect and approve on the final set.

The art is a mix of 2D and 3D: a great technique that requires efficient communication between the artists of both fields in order to work. Our 2D and 3D artists are proficient in working together to create such a blend, and we are happy with the results for this game in particular.

Together with the client, we have developed locations full of light, life, and character. Each room is empty at the beginning, and it is up to the player to fill it and make it cozy. The player scores at the merge field, collects star tokens and exchanges them to Task Objects which can then appear in a room.

Match-3 and UI Elements

Our artists have made the match-3 elements and the game elements of UI working by a concept art provided by our client. Here again, we used a blend of 2D and 3D technique.

Character Design

For the character art, we draw inspiration from the most beloved heroines of the new era of Disney. We merged it with a more medieval image with armor and crowns. Our artists made concept art for several characters as a test, but that is where we had to stop.

Our big RSG team has both 2D and 3D artists working efficiently on projects that require a blend of both techniques. We are professionals in a number of areas of game design, including character concept art, design, and animation, location design, level design, and game UX/UI. Get in touch with us, and we will do our best to realize your vision.

Spark Link Character Concept Art Match3 Puzzle

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