Creating 2D Puzzle-Adventure Game in Unity | Star Struck game

An adventure puzzle game is a type of video game where you go on a journey and solve puzzles along the way. These puzzles might need you to think and use your brain to figure them out. It’s like going on an interactive adventure with brain-teasing challenges!

Puzzle-Adventure games have unique challenges, combining puzzles with interesting stories.

Compilation of various detailed 2D adventure puzzle game scenes showcasing diverse environments and objects, including interiors like a living room, bedroom, and office, as well as exteriors such as a house entrance, an alleyway, and a gated mansion

Let’s start with the obvious: Unity is an excellent choice for building adventure puzzle games. It offers versatility in supporting both 2D and 3D game development. The platform provides an efficient workflow with an intuitive interface and a large community, making it accessible for developers of all levels. 

Additionally, Unity’s cross-platform support means your game can reach a wide audience on various devices. Its powerful graphics engine enables the creation of high-quality visuals and special effects. The Unity Asset Store is a valuable resource for finding pre-made assets, scripts, and tools, saving time and effort during development. 

Unity is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities, inspiring developers to realize their creative ideas. Creating a 2D puzzle game in Unity demands a blend of technical skill and artistic touch. Recognizing the importance of Unity, developers can bring more players to the game.

2D puzzle games are great for creating captivating visuals. If you do it right, they can draw players deeper into the game’s world.
Art is an important element here because the player is constantly engaging with the 2D art. 

Meet Star Struck, a Puzzle-Adventure game for Android. This project, with its cool art and captivating story, shows the potential of Puzzle-Adventure games in mobile gaming.

We’re excited to be part of the team and create something so bright and unique.

Three stylized characters: a man with sunglasses holding a baby tiger, a smiling woman in sunglasses and striped top, and a tattooed man. Detailed Adventure-Puzzle environments, including a dark, cluttered storage space with suspended cars, a bright flower shop with colorful blooms and a vibrant parrot, and a dimly lit garage with animals in cages

2D Game Art in Puzzle-Adventure Game

The discussion about the unique style in Star Struck opens an interesting topic, especially considering that it continues the idea of Adventure Escape Mysteries from the same developer – Haiku Games. And they asked for help from us, by using our 2D Game Art services

When it comes to visual style, Star Struck differs significantly from Adventure Escape Mysteries. Both games belong to the adventure game genre, but they explore different sub-genres within it. 

Adventure Escape Mysteries leans more towards being a thriller-detective story with intense plots. Meanwhile, Star Struck keeps the core detective theme but gives it a more glamorous and visually expressive style.
This difference in artistic direction adds uniqueness to the game, making it stand out in the category of adventure games.

Both games are detective adventures, but Adventure Escape Mysteries tends to be more in the thriller and suspense direction, while Star Struck is a unique adventure game that has a brighter and less “horror” aesthetic. This shows that Haiku Games’ can create different plots and have diverse tastes within the adventure game genre.

Animated drawing of a curious young traveler gazing at the Unity logo in the sky, as they stand on a colorful puzzle piece

Why Choose Unity for 2D Puzzle-Adventure Games

Unity stands out as the ideal platform for developing Unity picture puzzle games, and here’s why:

  1. Unity offers a high degree of flexibility and adaptability for 2D game development. Its engine allows the creation and integration of various game elements, ensuring that developers have the freedom to bring their unique ideas to life.
  2. Unity provides an extensive set of features specifically made for 2D game development. From precise 2D physics to 2D animation systems, it equips developers with the necessary tools to craft engaging and visually appealing 2D environments.
  3. Within Unity’s Asset Store, developers can access pre-made 2D assets, including sprites, backgrounds, and animations. This not only saves time but also allows for the rapid prototyping and iteration crucial in game development.
  4. Unity’s ecosystem is well-suited for puzzle-adventure games. The platform supports the creation of puzzles, logical challenges, and interactive elements that are essential in this genre. Additionally, Unity’s scripting capabilities enable the creation of dynamic and engaging gameplay mechanics, enhancing the overall player experience.
  5. Unity’s intuitive interface and development tools streamline the iteration process. This allows for quick testing, tweaking, and refinement of game elements, ensuring that developers can fine-tune their Unity puzzle games to perfection.


Unity’s combination of flexibility, specialized 2D features, and a rich library of assets make it an outstanding choice for crafting 2D adventure puzzle assets. It gives developers the tools they need to create games that players will love.

Nighttime scene from a 2D puzzle adventure game featuring two male characters, a white yacht docked at the pier, set against a cityscape backdrop with illuminated buildings

How to Design a Puzzle-Adventure Game

Before questioning how to build a puzzle game you’ll have to understand what it’s going to look like. And there are some steps on how to make a design for your game. 

  1. A good narrative is crucial in drawing players in. A storyline, rather than mere puzzle-solving, is the essence of combining puzzles with adventure.
  2. Achieving the right balance between challenge and satisfaction in puzzle-solving is important. Designers should avoid making puzzles overly complex, ensuring players find them engaging yet manageable.
  3. It’s important to emphasize the significance of collecting a variety of video game puzzle ideas. These ideas serve as the foundation for composing them into a project.
  4. The choice of backgrounds plays a vital role in establishing the atmosphere of the game. Whether it’s a magical forest or a mysterious mansion, the visuals set the tone for the player’s experience.

For a collection of 2D Backgrounds for Games, and simple 2D game ideas consider exploring our resources. 

  • Warm and cozy interior of a yoga studio or meditation room in a 2D puzzle adventure game, showcasing a wall-mounted shelving unit, yoga props, digital door lock, and cheerful wall decor
  • Elegant two-story villa illuminated at twilight with a tranquil fountain featuring swans, a landscaped garden, pool area, and a parked van in a 2D puzzle adventure game setting
  • Stylish kitchen interior in a 2D puzzle adventure game, featuring modern cabinetry, an illuminated island counter with a wine bottle, and a fully stocked open fridge
  • Nocturnal warehouse exterior in a 2D puzzle adventure game setting, featuring a security-lit entrance, scattered boxes, a dumpster, and a rowboat with oars on the ground
  • Contemporary living room scene from a 2D puzzle adventure game, showcasing a plush white couch, vibrant purple armchair, a TV cabinet, and an open fridge stocked with drinks
  • Chic beauty salon interior in a 2D puzzle adventure game setting with a styling chair, cosmetic products display, movie posters, and a plush lounge area with colorful decor
  • Modern interior of a meditation-themed room in a 2D puzzle adventure game, featuring chakra symbols on a door, ambient lighting, a Zen garden on a table, and artistic wall decor

Adventure-puzzle Character Creation | Adventure Game Sprites

Characters are important in puzzle-adventure games. They serve as the players’ avatars, guiding them through the story and interacting with the game world. Here are steps to create memorable characters:

  1. Research and Inspiration Gathering. Begin by studying existing characters in games and other media. This helps in understanding what works and finding inspiration for unique traits.
  2. Sketching and Iterations. Start with rough sketches to explore various character concepts. Iterate and refine these sketches to narrow down the design.
  3. Finalizing Design with Color Palettes and Outfits. Select color schemes that convey the character’s personality or fit the game’s overall aesthetic. Design their outfits to reflect their role or story in the game.
  4. Building up Personality and Backstory. Characters should have distinct personalities, motivations, and backstories. This depth makes them relatable and adds depth to the game’s narrative.


How to make a puzzle game? By researching and reading a lot.

And we’re happy to assist you by providing the best professional 2D Character Design Services.

We are experts in creating game puzzle designs and characters to make more unique and high-quality games.

Adventure-Puzzle Characters Sheet

  • Variety of animated characters including a man with a parrot, fashionable young men, and smiling women in vibrant outfits, alongside a fluffy white creature
  • Selection of animated characters showcasing a twin woman with blue outfits and mystical aura, a park ranger, a stylish woman in jeans, and a nerdy man with electric blue outlines

Puzzles and Game Sprites

  • Monochromatic decorative plates with intricate patterns displayed on shelves
  • Rusty metallic gate secured with a blue combination lock displaying numbers 2 and 9
  • Assortment of black figurine statues depicting various yoga poses on wooden shelves
  • Animated female character navigating a maze with crates, cells, and directional arrows, build puzzle game
  • Vibrant aquatic life in an animated fish tank with colorful fishes and underwater plants, unity puzzle games
  • Polluted water filled with trash including a banana peel, bottles, a fuel can, and a floating map titled 'World Cargo Flight Tracker
  • Colorful laboratory shelves with neatly arranged boxes, petri dishes, and flasks, 2D puzzle game
  • Veterinary emergency kit with labeled sedative and anti-sedative bottles, syringe, and metallic case, unity picture puzzle

Wrapping up

Unity is crucial here because it’s a powerful tool for making 2D games and creating characters. It gives developers what they need to bring their ideas to life. Its user-friendly design makes it a go-to choice. This helps creators focus on characters, gameplay, and art, ensuring a captivating gaming experience.

Unity provides an exceptional foundation for designing 2D puzzles and games that allow you to create your own unique character and go on an exciting adventure. As a flexible tool, it grants developers the ability to breathe life into their creative visions.

Collage of various vibrant scenes including an urban cafe setting, a cozy home interior, a hospital room, a mansion exterior, and a docked boat scene, all designed for a 2D Puzzle Adventure Game

Unity offers a fantastic platform for crafting 2D puzzles and adventurous games, including character creation. It’s a versatile tool that empowers developers to bring their ideas to life.

It’s important for game creators to focus on characters, gameplay, and art equally. This balance ensures a captivating and complete gaming experience that keeps players engaged.

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