Pixel art for Star Wars | Kylo Ren vs Finn

There’s something nostalgic about pixel art. Especially when it’s Star Wars-themed.

That’s why our girl 2D artist decided to draw pixel art
(yes, don’t be surprised, girls can be Star Wars fans too!). 

Meet Finn VS Kylo Ren – Force Awakens Pixel Art.


Then other artists got involved and we had even more variations on this topic.

Pixel art representation of Kylo Ren and Finn engaged in a lightsaber battle against a cosmic backdrop with starships, planets, and a Death StarKylo Ren wielding his distinctive crossguard lightsaber clashing with Finn amidst a stellar setting, illustrated in detailed pixel art

You can download 1920×1080 PNG (no compression) variant of Finn VS Kylo Ren Star Wars pixel art illustration:

Our art outsource team thanks you for every download!