Kylo Ren fan art | Star Wars: Force Awakens

Meet one of the leaders of our internal 2D artwork contest – featuring Kylo Ren Character Concept Art from Star Wars: Force Awakens:

Star wars Kylo Ren character, fan art, clone wars style

We also decided to draw variations of Kylo Ren in different environments
(realistic, 2D, and inside a spaceship.)

Kylo Ren wielding his red lightsaber amidst an electrifying storm
Silhouetted figure of Kylo Ren with glowing lightsaber in a neon-lit spaceship interior
Star Wars character Ben Solo in a mystical forest with a glowing blue lightsaber
Illustration of a cloaked figure with a lightsaber standing atop a rocky terrain with towering mountains in the background

As usual, you can download 1920×1080 PNG (no compression) variant of Kylo Ren illustration:

And if you want to get Star Wars game art with your own unique design or you have plans to create your own game, contact our outsourcing game art team using the contact page.