Sarah Kerrigan fan art | StarCraft 2

And here is another cool fan art and just nice artwork done by our art outsourcing team – Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft.

Drawn completely from scratch and inspired by the awesome Starcraft universe and its characters. Do you remember the time when Starcraft II came out?

It seems to us that since the release of that game, humanity has taken a wrong turn.
Good thing we still have Starcraft :)

Starcraft 2 Fan Art - Kerrigan Illustration

Now let’s take a closer look at Sarah Kerrigan in other styles – what would happen if she stepped off the pages of comic books?

Illustration of a female character in advanced armor with a detailed spaceship and celestial bodies in the backgroundFuturistic female warrior in blue armor surrounded by robots against a mountainous backdropAlien female warrior with glowing green eyes, adorned in red and purple armor, amidst a battlefield with menacing robotic foes

As always, you can download Starcraft Fan Art in bigger resolution without our sign from here:

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