3D Modeling and 2D Overpaint | Stylized Dream Room

We want to present you with our dream room. Our 2D and 3D specialists were so excited and passionate about their work, designing this project as a dream room for the RSG. Thanks to such projects, we realize creative freedom.

We wanted to create a cozy place with a retro vibe that is on top of the trends right now. This project is special for us also because, while working on it, we brought together members of the 2D and 3D teams who worked to reveal every corner of this room.

stylized interior design In Retro Style Flat Logo And Interior Design Download

As always, we start by preparing a mood board, asset list, and references. They are needed to accurately depict and understand volumes, correctly convey color and chiaroscuro, pick up details, get inspired, and catch the general mood of the project.

By the end of prep, our designers were armed with an initial concept sketch, complete with a large collection of references and a color palette for the base image.

Moodboard Asset List References Dream Room Project
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2D Concept

Based on the moodboard, 2D specialists created the concept of our dream room in 2D. The space is becoming increasingly detailed with each subsequent iteration, which will eventually create the future comfort. Then the illustrations are handed over to 3D specialists, and the most intriguing aspect of the work, modeling, is then begun.

3D Design Stylized Dream Room Maya Zbrush Render

How we made 3D models for a stylized room

Initially, modeling is preceded by a blockout. Our 3D artists did a preliminary design of the location. After pre-blocking, we moved on to sculpting and texturing to make the chair appear marshmallow soft, the brickwork looked realistic, and the detailed window frame allowed morning light to enter through.

When all the main stages are finished, something very important is missing… Of course, we are talking about overpaint. This process is in the hands of our 2D specialists after all 3D processes are completed. Welcome to check it out and take your gift PSD sources ready to view and download for free!

Stylized Room PSD Sources Free Download and View

And now we’d like to show you our workflow video about our dream room, which our entire team was really willing to create.

We create 3D modeling for games with love and passion.

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