Metro 3D Models and Subway Environment Asset Pack | Subway 3D Props

Ladies and gentlemen, the next stop is the 3D Subway Asset Pack and Assembled Location which is ready to become a part of your game right now. We present our complete package containing detailed 3D assets, perfect for making subway environments.

You will receive over 30 realistic and detailed props, including doors, traffic lights, turnstiles, and even fire extinguishers. Offer your players a comfortable and highly detailed subway journey.

Metro 3D Model Subway Platform, Subway Interior 3d station

Metro | Train Station Modular Pack

Our RetroStyle Games team continues to develop their talents and professional skills with every new project. This time, we challenged ourselves and created not only a 3D asset pack but also a complete location that you can easily integrate into your game without any technical issues.
We drew inspiration from subways in different countries to create this slightly mysterious and eerie place, where dimness and coolness prevail. So, welcome aboard, the subway is departing in 3, 2, 1…

Subway 3D Interior & Location

The centerpiece of our project is the assembled location of an underground subway station, featuring all 32 props. It’s up to you to decide whether the events here will unfold as a horror story or if ordinary people will be rushing about their business.
We also made subway backgrounds for a more realistic experience with the environment.
You can learn more about our game background creation services.

Metro 3D Models

Our team already has rich experience in creating various 3D models for projects in different settings.
For this project, we paid special attention to the level of realism for each object.

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Every bench, traffic light, door, turnstile, and, of course, the subway car, looks like real-life models.

Metro 3D Props

Subway 3D Props collection offers players a real feel of a subway setting. We’ve put in time and effort to make props like turnstiles and subway benches look real. RetroStyle Games artists used various tools to make this collection. They looked at subways worldwide. The outcome?

A set of 3D items that add depth to any game. With details like lights and textures of used tiles, our props make the scene feel real.

Rendering 3D Subway Props

We achieve this level of detail by using professional tools for modeling, texturing, and rendering. In the future, this simplifies the process of integrating objects into the game engine.

3D Train Modeling & Lightning

Neon lights of lamps, the bright glow of subway car headlights, and small light sources on various instrument indicators. Our team’s specialists have paid special attention to the lighting arrangement in the location to make everything look realistic. 

Old metal, peeling paint, wood, and many other textures create a unique atmosphere. Build a unique and highly realistic subway location in your game with our Subway Station 3D asset pack and complete location!
Download the 3D asset pack on UE Marketplace, Artstation, CGTraider, and Turbosquid.
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