Tank Brawl UI for UGI Studio

Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with UGI Studio new mobile project — Tanks Brawl. Yeap, the title speaks for itself, it’s a game in the style of the popular Brawl Stars, only with tank battles.

So, we’d like to share our contribution to the game with you.

Our team was tasked with developing UI design for the creator of the legendary tank games and here is what we did:

Wargaming Tank Brawl Game Interface

Research and Concept Development

We went through a few iterations before landing on the UI both we and our client were satisfied with:

Wargaming Tank Brawl GUI Concept Development version

Lobby UI

To create an immersive experience for the players, we designed Lobby UI. The store buttons and stats bars we made would allow the players to access the information about their tanks, as well as what the shop could offer.

Wargaming Tank Brawl User Interface Lobby

Stats Buttons

The UI artists of RSG aimed for the stats buttons to fit perfectly into the fun design of Tank Brawl. So we made them stylish, helpful in navigation and convenient to use.

Timer UI

Our timer UI made it an easy-to-use element for the players to help them stay on track with the newly published events.

Main Menu UI

The main menu had to have an intuitive design for the players to quickly understand and navigate the game, so that’s what our artists did.

Wargaming Tank Brawl User Interface Lobby Dev

Our UI became a perfect addition to Tank Brawl and was made in the spirit of the game. All the wishes of the client were granted, yet keeping that RSG’s special flavour. Wargaming was happy with our design and we were happy with it as well.

12 years of successfully working in the industry make it possible to collaborate with the major players in the game. Our UX UI, 2D, 3D and animation artists are highly talented and qualified to provide services for both: large companies and local indie teams. Our match with Wargaming is just one of many. In our Portfolio, you can check out various projects we’ve been involved in.

Wargaming Tank Brawl Game UX UI

Working hand-in-hand with us will ensure you time and cost saving, high-quality content and efficient scaling of your art team.

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