Uncharted fan art | Drake

“Why not make fan art of Drake in the desert?” – that’s exactly the idea that came to our 2D artist, who is a fan of the Uncharted game series.

uncharted fan art, drake character with the gun in desert, tomb ruins in the background

Then we realized that Drake had adventures not only in deserts but also in other places. So we drew some more variations on his travels.

Illustration of a man holding a pistol in a jungle setting, surrounded by ancient ruins and lush vegetationAdventurous man with dark hair, holding a pistol, exploring a lush tropical jungle with towering cliffs in the backgroundDetermined man in a blue shirt and harness, clenching his fist with a crashed plane and tropical forest in the background

You can find bigger resolution without our sign (1920×1200) which can be used as desktop wallpaper:

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