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Even though the NFT market is slow right now, its future looks promising, especially as NFTs are seen in new ways beyond just investments. 

Now the NFT market has stabilized, and the trend of making such projects didn’t vanish completely. Our team has been working on a new city builder game that uses NFTs

Introducing new NFT City Building Game, The Next Generation of Crypto Mining

In the upcoming game, you get to build and manage your own city. What makes it special is that you can use NFTs to own different parts of your city, like buildings or parks. The new city NFT builder game is a chance to build a city with unique digital items that you can own, trade, and show off

For the NFT art pictures in the game, we used different approaches and tools to get the result the developer wanted.

If you want to see what kind of art we do, check out the services we offer for NFT game art.

NFT Cards Templates

When we talk about NFT games today, we’re looking at an evolving landscape, quite different from the big AAA games we’re used to. 

One key thing to note is that major AAA titles haven’t yet fully utilized NFTs in their gameplay.
The closest thing we’ve seen to this is the paid skins in games like CS:GO, but these don’t use NFTs.

We suggest you take a look at the NFT cards of the city, designed by our outsourcing team

nft card design, NFT trading cards, What they are and how they work
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But, when games start using NFTs, it’s important to make sure the game is still fun and not just about buying stuff.

That’s why you will need game QA services. They help check if a game is fun and fair, and not just trying to make you spend money.

NFT City Game Buildings

In an NFT City Game, buildings are crucial elements, each with unique designs and animations. Our project involved modeling and animating houses to create a unique NFT in gaming industry. The NFTs in this project represent a collection of unique combinations of game maps using available houses. 

Developing an NFT-Powered Game and NFT Buildings
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Also, when making a game with NFT buildings, you need a good plan. For this, game designers are really important. They help create a basic version of the game to try out ideas, including how to use NFTs.

If you need someone to help with this, you might want to hire game prototype designers. They can make NFT art pics and a mini version of your game so you can see how NFTs would work in it.

Our team created a mix of creative city design, animated and static buildings, so let’s look at some of them:

  • 1

    Pump Station sprite

    Сomplex with futuristic blue machinery, pipes, and industrial pumps, indicating a facility possibly for water or energy.

  • 2

    University building sprite

    Futuristic building with a bright, neon sign, a large observatory dome, and green rooftop spaces.

  • 3

    Wind Plant Building sprite

    Facility with a large wind turbine next to a modern building, indicating renewable energy production.

  • 4

    Yoga Center building sprite

    Cozy, welcoming building with a neon sign, a visible interior of a yoga class in session, and a tranquil vibe.

  • 1

    Casino Building sprite

    Circular building with a flashy 'Casino' neon sign and dice on top, surrounded by palm trees and situated at a road intersection.

  • 2

    Centrifuge building sprite

    Modern structure with a flat roof, rooftop air units, and an adjacent cylindrical structure, all behind a fenced area with yellow lights.

  • 3

    City Hall Building sprite

    Large building with a purple hue and a dome roof that features a sign in front, fountains, and decorative street lights.

  • 4

    Night Club building sprite

    Lively scene showing a building, where animated figures can be seen queuing and dancing on the roof.

If you’re interested in creating your own city game with unique buildings, we offer services to make your own city game, providing expertise in game design, art, and animation, tailored to the specifics of city-building games. 

In isometric NFT games, you’ll often see building sprites, which are the small images used to represent buildings in the city creator game. These sprites are key in making the game world look lively and detailed.

They can range from simple houses to complex structures, each with its own unique style and character.

NFT City Game Sprites

NFT city game sprites, such as cars, buses, and pedestrians, are important for creating a cool and engaging game environment. They add life and movement to the streets, making the city feel bustling and active. 

Game sprites on the blockchain, Create Gaming NFT Sprites
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These NFT sprites contribute to the game environment design. They help set the scene and context in which the game takes place, allowing players to interact with the game world in a more engaging and meaningful way.

Still don't want to make YOUR OWN NFT City Building game?

If you’re still on the fence about making your own NFT city-building game, consider this: you have the chance to create something that’s all yours.

From the buildings and streets to the in-game economy, every piece can have your signature touch. Plus, NFTs add that extra layer of uniqueness that players love. Don’t just think about it; start shaping your own virtual world.

NFT cartoon city sprites made in 8-bit or 16-bit style
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Your NFT project could be the next big thing that players talk about and trade.

It’s a space full of potential, waiting for your ideas to bring it to life. So why wait? Dive in and start NFT game building!

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