Zombie Run 2 – Full Game Production for an Endless Runner

Along with providing outsourcing services, we have developed and published many games on our own. From an idea to app-store launch and support — our team does full game engine assembly.

Zombie Run 2 is a sequel of the most thrilling, endless survival runner fully produced by RetroStyle Games. We had great success with our previous endless runners Zombie Run HD and Spirit Run! with over 20 million players enjoying them for free. We decided it was time to continue the story on a new level.


Endless runner is a subgenre of platform games in which the protagonist must run indefinitely while avoiding obstacles. Beating the zombie-shooter instinct, the player here is on the zombies’ side, chasing poor Igor to his doom. There are three categories of characters in the game, which allows for dynamic gameplay: the zombies, victim/antagonist Igor, and the enraged monsters.


For the zombies, we decided to go for athletic-looking, albeit slightly disassembled, males and females with green skin and orange highlights.


Igor is a mixed image of a dull hunchback and an evil warlock archetypes. Whatever he is, he has to make the player want to chase and kill him. Igor does the job.


There are special perks to being a monster in this game: they are faster, angrier, and not hindered by obstacles. Our artists drew inspiration from the Anglerfish. It entices its prey with a part of its body that looks like bait. We mixed this eerie deepwater image with some more common werewolf vibes, threw some exposed bones and blisters here and there, and got the superb pack of creatures ready to tear apart.

  • Zombie Run 2 Game Level Design Forest
  • Zombie Endless Runner Game Backgrounds Design
  • Zombie Game Location Design Night Road Background

3D Animation

After completing concept art, our 3D specialists rigged, skinned, and animated our characters. Extensive experience in 3D allows our artists to employ their creativity and produce excellent-looking 3d character designs. With the simple gameplay of casual games, character art is one of the key factors that determine if the game will be captivating for the player.

Levels Backgrounds

For Zombie Run 2, locations and levels go hand-in-hand. New backgrounds for each level bring novelty and hook the player on an endless runner road. As always, we started our creative process by putting together references and making rough drafts of how the road with potions would look in these environments. We wanted to create a sinister atmosphere, whether it be through mystical locations, ominous advertising signs, weather conditions, or signs of abandonment and off-ness in an otherwise benign sun-lit village landscape. After putting together all the details, we also created sliders for the app-stores.

Zombie Endless Runner 3D Obstacle Assets Bruised Cars

Obstacle Assets

Obstacles for this game are painfully-looking medieval contraptions, bruised cars, natural and industrial waste, and even spooky statue fragments — all highly detailed 3D drawings.

Zombie Run 2 Game Icons Chests Resourses

Game Icons

Game resources provide some sparkle for the gloomy atmosphere of the game. Our 2D artists created treasure chests, as well as diverse free and in-app purchase resources for balanced gameplay.

Zombie Run Game User Interface UI UX Design

Game UI

Our designers developed a UI that is both clear to use and in tune with the game aesthetics. The marsh color pallet rocks!

Zombie Run 2 Game Store Ads Icons

App-Store Icon

The app-store icon is the face of the game and it has to be pretty. We had so many pretty faces to put there, that it was hard to pick one. In the end, we landed on that ferocious-looking golden beauty with a sutured mouth. Even when being our own client, we develop several options to choose from.

Finally, we created all the advertising material, including the trailer. The video sets the scene for the rest of the game developments. It had to look great, convey the eeriness and urgency, and make the viewer excited about the game and eager to play it. The zombie comes alive, Igor has to run, someone has to make it happen. Our 3D artists did an excellent job with this little movie, even adding spooky noises for immersion.

RetroStyle Games develops games that have great character art, detailed locations, and well-thought-out level design. The games that feature art and designs created by our company, as well as our own games created from scratch, are enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced game artists can help you realize your vision with creativity and efficiency. Feel free to browse through our portfolio and reach out to us to discuss your project.

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