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Our team is valuable 2D and 3D Art Partner for dozen of clients worldwide. Effectively scale art production, increase assets quality and greatly speed up development:

“I’m excited to share our experience with RetroStyle, our first outsourced art partner. They’ve consistently surpassed our expectations, adapting to changes and delivering on promises. Without a doubt, RetroStyle is our top choice for future projects, earning the first place in our ventures with their professionalism and dedication.

Hojung Kim, Art Director, Playdog

On behalf of all Fomo Team, I’d like to extend our appreciation for all the performance and efforts you made. It only goes to show how dedicated you are on our mutual project and your professionalism at all. Thank you!

Emre Teksoz, Managing Partner, Fomo Games



The superb work Pavel and his team did nail it! They did a fantastic job creating a lot of content for
“Millionaire Mansion” under a strict deadline, under budget, and delivered everything we hoped for in an organized fashion. Working with RetroStyle was fulfilling on knowing they could hit our unique art style while also having excellent communication throughout the project.

Marco Gutierrez, Art Director, Mitosis Games

It has been a great experience working with RetroStyle. They always give daily updates on their work, and overall communication has been very strong. They are also very responsive to our feedback. Furthermore, we’re really pleased with the quality of their work and they always respect the deadlines. Highly recommend them if you are looking for an outsource art service.

Seda Kesgin, Game Producer, Gamegos


I’ve been working in the games industry for more than 20 years, and I have yet to run across an art production team that produces better results! Our latest title ‘Storm Wars’ is a collectible card game, and Retrostyle has produced hundreds of beautiful cards for us as well as campaign map artwork in a time- and cost- efficient manner. Pavel’s team quickly grasped our needs and was able to provide excellent results with minimal iteration, they have also been very quick to make adjustments when necessary, and have been very easy to work with overall. Highly recommended!

Janus Anderson, CEO,, Inc.

RetroStyle Games is not just professional and affordable, they are a bunch of incredibly detailed oriented and technically adept artists and designers. We needed game art quickly and it needed to match rigorous specs. They did an amazing job delivering the art and working with us to make sure it met our needs. I would gladly recommend RetroStyle to any team that needs high quality game art, you really can’t go wrong with their team.

George Saines, Cofounder, CodeCombat


Kobojo worked with Retrostyle Games for asset creation outsourcing on “PyramidValley” and “Atlantis Fantasy” (Facebook Games). RSG is a very professional studio: from the test to the running phase the communication was very good. They manage to adapt their production to our release rhythm, to each product art direction, and to the targeted audience tastes. Assets art production was respecting our internal guidelines and processes, and was delivered with the level of quality required.

Charlotte Lavergne, Senior Producer at Kobojo

RetroStyleGames was an absolute pleasure to work with. They created beautiful artwork and also met the tough deadline we had agreed on. The team provided a variety of art styles for us to look at so we could understand trade-offs and quickly settle on what we were creating. The team’s experience working with game developers was apparent time and time again as they understood the setting and gameplay requirements of what we were working on without much communication overhead.

Andrew Ow, Haiku Games

If you need high quality game art and a reliable partner, go with RetroStyle Games! Excellent work, in time and in budget, paired with a professional communication! Our expectations are always high, but RetroStyle Games set a new top-level benchmark.

Jan-Hendrik Ohl, Hexagon Game Labs


Working with RetroStyle Games has been a great experience. They work very fast and sent us daily updates. What I appreciated the most is their dedication, which shines through. They really care about their work and worked with us to get the best result, and best of all, surprised us with even better ideas and quality.

Tor Martin, Kristanix Games

Well I’d like to thank you for a job well done. Everything you’ve done looks top quality and everyone loves the look and feel of them game. I believe it’s going to do very well.

Jake Birkett, Grey Alien Games

Many thanks to Pavel and his team. All items provided for our new game Bunny Run were of great quality and delivered well before scheduled time. We really enjoyed working with you. This was our first project with you and will not be the last one.

Jens Rieckhof, JRSoftWorX

We couldn’t have chosen a better team to work with us in “Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc” than RetroStyle Games. They have achieved a great quality and an amazing art style. We were amazed by the final results. It was a great experience to work with such talented and professional artists.

Carlos Eduardo Boaro, Green Sauce Games

I highly recommend RetroStyle Games. Pavel and his team have created hundreds of fantastic art assets for me, many of which have surprised me in that they were even better than I was hoping for. They easily matched my desired art style, and were able to accommodate my project’s schedule well. They shared daily updates and then acted quickly on feedback. Pavel is extremely responsive. Not only did he reply to my emails regularly, but he also prompted me to check progress and made sure that I was happy with each revision.

Ray Mazza, Match Dragons

We are very pleased with your work. The game now looks professional. We really liked the concepts from the beginning and the end result fulfilled our expectations.

Leonidas Boulougaris, Senet Online

We all love your haunted house work, it is fantastic! We were wondering what inspired you? They are so scarey and cool looking!

Sue Mofsie-Stevenson, TechKnowHow, Inc

It was the first time that I outsourced art and it was a great experience for me. I’m really happy about the overall quality and affordable budget.

Christian Teister, Juhu Games


Working with Retrostyle Games on the art for “Save My Souls” has been a truly Great experience! Their creativeness, speed and overall responsiveness has been outstanding. What amazed me most was the fact that they were able to more or less nail the games art design within just a few sketches even though they had but very basic guidelines on how things were supposed to look. I really hope to be working with them again in the future.

Eric Schweler, Stimulus Response

Pavel and his team did a great job in providing art service for our “Little Farm Preschool” game. We are very happy with their art quality, delivery time, and professional attitude. Most importantly, they work around on our budget with the best art quality. We definitely will work with them again in our future games. Anyone who wants a reliable and affordable art service can rely on this team. We highly recommend them.

John Yang, Vicinno Soft LLC

Pavel and his team proved that their skills are very valuable addition to our development skills. We’re working on the 5th project together now and just this speaks for itself. They are able to provide their own creative vision of the project, or easily follow instructions if needed (opposed to some other contractors). They proved to be able to deliver art on time and under time pressure (art for The Perfect Tree, ordered way too late). I hope that RSG won’t get overwhelmed with clients as I certainly want to work with them on more projects:).

Roman Budzowski, AnaWiki Games

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